Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Maynard's "Nursette" Reveal!

So here we are. 11 weeks until go time and I'm finally ready to debut baby Maynard's "nursette!" Drumroll please...

Let me part our new draperies from the Shade Store (online)... And here is your first peak!

Just to give you a tiny bit of perspective... our little baby room is actually the "dinette" space off the kitchen where we USED to eat our meals. (We now have a high cocktail table in front of the sofa instead). When you only have 500 sf of living space.. you have to get CREATIVE!!! Here is the only "before" pic I have of the old dinette. It's dark but you can see the arch leading to the space.

We have a floating sofa in the middle of the living room and a full wall of storage for my design business. That door leads to the bath and bedroom at the back.

We'll start the baby off in the bassinet which was something I picked up with my mom from a Tiburon, CA. consignment store and drove home a few months back. The chandelier was an Ebay find that sparkles and glistens hopefully much to the baby's delight!

I found this great Thomasville faux bamboo armoire at a consignment store in Torrance called "Deja New" and negotiated a pretty great price to create a closet for my baby girl. It was a little shabby after years of neglect but it doesn't get much cuter than that bamboo trim running along the perimeter and I knew it had potential...

Here is the furniture in the "nursette," right before we painted and my adorable hubby removed the bottom shelf and installed a hanging bar for his baby girls new clothes.

And here it is post-painting with the raffia-covered-backing, hardware, and hanging bar waiting to be re-installed.

And at last... after several weeks passed, here it is painted, modified and raffia'd. Isn't it so cute!! It's even cuter filled with all the adorable infant clothing and gifts given to us by our amazing family and friends (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!)...

And the little drawers, also filled to the brim:

And my all-time FAVORITE outfit.. You better believe there will be a photo session in this little shin-dig!

Lastly, the changing table -- also a consignment store pick up with a fresh coat of paint.

If only I could decide what fabrics I want to use for baby bedding, etc. I'm also working on what to do about covering up this door... stay tuned for that one or let me know your ideas!!

And finally... the parents to be... in just 11 short weeks!! (or something like that, I guess we'll have to wait and see.)

And last but not least... our first born, George-the-dog, (with niece Luciana) playing the guinea pig in our new Baby Jogger stroller which we couldn't be more excited about. (thank you mom and dad, I love you!!!)


  1. So cute and a great use of small space. I love the armoire!


  2. Best nursette I've ever seen! What about hiding the door with a huge drapery panel?

  3. love it! we will have the same sort of sorta baby room thing going on. the joys of city living!! you did a great job!

  4. How cute!! I also love that armoire - you guys did a great job on it. I love furniture with bamboo accents.

    For the door, I agree with Natalie - what about using curtains to frame those windows, but making them wide enough to extend past and cover the doorway?? Or maybe a really really large/tall canvas with some sort of cool artwork that you could lean in front of it?

    How exciting! I'm sure your baby M will love it.

  5. Here from Better After ~

    Your nursette is adorable :)

  6. OMG I LOVE that armoire! Henry Link has a similar furniture line like that called Bali Hai... I am constantly on the look out for pieces. Want, want, want!
    I love what you did with it, and I love the baby nook.


  7. Wow, that is just lovely and so ingenious of you to make such a special little room! I especially love the chandelier, I'm going to look for one!

  8. so impressive! we live in 500 sq ft and so i know it doesn't go far :) the nursery is so perfect!

  9. Here from Better After. LOVE what you did in this space, but esp that armoire makeover. Im putting a bamboo hutch/armoire on my Craigslist shopping list.
    Oh and I will now become your newest follower. Your design here was amazing!

  10. Absolutely adorable baby nook! Really like the chandelier and the armoire is perfect. Wonderful transformation! (Love the pictures of "brother" George modeling the baby gear, too!)

  11. I found you through Better After...amazing! I love it! What an adorable and creative transformation! Great job!


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