Thursday, September 30, 2010

Showering Baby Maynard Aloha-Style!

This past weekend Emily's parents and sisters, along with her husband Slug's (aka Chris) mother, flew in to celebrate the soon-to-be new addition to their families! The outdoor Hawaiian-themed party was perfect - almost too perfect, as the weather over-cooperated and gave us one of the hottest days of the summer! I'm not sure how Em managed with the heat, if you've been pregnant in the summer you know what I mean. ;) Being seven months pregnant definitely looks great on her!

Grandma Maynard organized the most adorable laundry line of itty-bitty clothing, tights and sleepers. It was so cute watching Emily pull and pull, and PULL, more stuff out of that basket!

Of course there were many oohs and aahs over the clever baby gadgets and sweet outfits they received...

I wish I got a picture of all the yummy food (lots of bbq, pineapple & dried cherry couscous, watermelon, tomato & feta salad, etc), but I only managed to capture the colorful surfboard and baby pram cookies. It was all delish!

{You know you're only mins from the beach when you have surfboards lying around ready to become a table!}

Lastly, some of the wee party guests. Here is cutie Luciana and my daughter Rael - baby Maynard's eagerly awaiting playmates!

Oh, and big brother George!

The shower was fabulous, but what is more fabulous is that Emily and Slug are going to be parents! 

Emily - I am so grateful for the friendship we have developed over the last few years! You are a great friend in many ways, but the fact that you fully understand my love for design and are just as willing to talk about it for hours makes our friendship that much more special. I can't wait until we will have yet another 'love' in common - our baby girls! In addition to discussing color, fabrics and furniture, I look forward to gabbing with you about the joys of motherhood, and commiserating about those tiring days too! ;) 

Wishing your growing family lots of love, health and happiness - can't wait for the reveal of your newest little "design"! xo

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  1. You´re the sweetest!!!! THANKS SAARA!!! Having a blast in Cabo. Just came back from snorkleing adventure. Baby loved the water. Talk soon. xoxo


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