About Anne

Eat well, travel often, and create with passion. These are a few words that I try to live by but let me also share a few words with you about the life I've lived ...
For as long as I can remember I’ve loved art and design in all forms, but particularly in the form of interior design. I would walk into a space and instantly become preoccupied with imagining furniture being rearranged, wall colors changing, artwork being put up, and so on and so forth. After completing my undergrad in International Relations, I finally decided to take the leap and pursue what I’ve always loved.

I started taking classes in the wonderful Interior Architecture and Design program at UCLA in 2010 and it’s been an incredibly fun and intellectually stimulating experience every step of the way. Along with taking classes, I’m very excited to be assisting and blogging here at George Interior Design!! I hope that I can bring to you some of the inspiring stories and exciting trends in interior design and architecture that I’m constantly discovering — it seems that there is always something new to learn about in this multi-disciplinary field!  

When I’m not studying or working, I love to get every opportunity I can to travel, read, draw, hike, and attempt to cook and bake. Any guinea pigs out there willing to try my experimental cooking? Anyone?

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