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The die was cast early for my pursuit of interior design... I can remember as a 10 or 11 year old, taking out my mother's vacuum to cut new patterns (like stripes and herringbones) into my thick cut pile bedroom carpeting and reveling at the transformation it could make!  It wasn't long after that my mother (who is a natural) started including me on many of the household design decisions; like helping her to select new wallpapers, rugs and fabrics when the need would arise.

Because of my early relationship with interior design as mainly a domestic chore, I had no idea that it could also be my career.  I attended 4 years of undergrad at Vanderbilt University and focused on a career in PR/Communications.  It wasn't until 2004, while approving interior design plans for a new Visitor's Centers (in my capacity as the International Marketing Manager at Bloomingdale's in NYC), that I realized that I COULD and SHOULD be doing interior design!

So it was off to the New York School of Interior Design for a brief but wonderful introduction to the field and then on to a full 3 year Professional Level Program at the UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, working all the while for designers and design firms.  Finishing that grueling program took every ounce of energy that I had (and a LOT of encouragement from family & friends) and I strongly recommend that clients stick with interior designers in North America who went to CIDA accredited schools!  (trust me - your designer will know!)

In addition to my obsession with interior design and the visual world, I am a wife, friend, sister, daughter and soon-to-be mother!  I met my husband in 8th Grade and although we did not see eye to eye (romantically speaking!) until years later, I have enjoyed his friendship, companionship, love and support for what feels like eons.  Did I mention that he goes by Slug!  We live a very fast-paced life of working and playing in LA; at the beach where we rent an apartment (where I work), and in the mountains where we own a house.  I cannot wait to carry my baby girl down to the beach and watch her grow up on the sand.


5 Things I Can't Live Without...
(superficial, of course!)

1. Decleor Essential Neroli Night Balm.  SHHHH!!  This is my best secret for slowing down the inevitable aging process.  Plus, as a pregnant lady, this stuff has come in handy for more than a few ailments. (if you are or have been pregnant, I know you know what I mean!)

2. AVEENO products.  I love the shampoo/conditioner, face lotion with SPF, body lotions, etc. If it says Aveeno, I'll happily buy it.

3. Books. There is almost always a book on my nightstand. My category is historical romance but I'll read anything that's good.  I love shopping for my books in used bookstores where the owners can usually pick something out for me that I'll like.

4.  A good garment steamer. Since I have widdled my wardrobe down to 95% cotton/linen clothing (I love things that feel lightweight, soft and casual) a quick dusting of my day's outfit by the steamer and I'm out the door. 

5.  Elle Decor Design Magazines; US, UK and most treasured, my French edition.  I get so excited when one pops up in my mailbox and look forward to studying them back to front.  (yes, I said backwards!)


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