Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh Canada Cozy

I found this photo while browing the Elle Decor website, and you know what? It made me a bit homesick. After having both my parents, AND my husband's parents visit us this month I shouldn't be surprised that I miss the "homeland." But this photo, and the Hudson's Bay point blanket, has made me miss Canada som'thing-fierce.

{Weekend retreat on Long Island, designed by Calvert Wright}

I grew up seeing these blankets while shopping our national department store The Bay, and I also remember Roots Home showcasing them in their rustic-chic displays...

Originally these wool blankets were traded by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) in western British North America and the United States during the 18th century and 19th centuries. The blankets were typically traded to First Nations and Native Americans in exchange for beaver pelts. In the point system, a blanket of higher point value would supposedly be larger and warmer. A common misconception is that each point indicated a quantity of beaver pelts or Hudson's Bay Company money. Blankets varied in color and design.

Today you can buy antique point blankets on eBay or Etsy, or go for a new version sold at The Bay in Canada or through Woolrich in the US. New or old, these blankets are oh-so-cozy, and just ooze Canadiana - perfect for a lake house, cabin or cottage. I know my mum has her heart set on the traditional multi-striped pattern for her winter bedding at our cottage.

This monochromatic grey-striped point blanket is a soothing version. A great option for a more contemporary, city setting...

{Designer Mark Cunningham's New York bedroom}

Also love it here in this boy's bedroom. A fitting compliment to the hockey poster (haha)...

{via Flickr}


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