Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lonny Reminder...

The newest issue of Lonny magazine is out, and it is goooo-od! Grab your beverage of choice and click through some fabulous pages...

I really enjoyed this issue - I was inspired by the large article on the 16 YEAR OLD designer whiz-kid, all the upholstered headboard photos, and this page...

Have you heard of this Decorator Tag Sale website? How cool?! I checked it out, and there are so many fun items for sale. I'm definitely adding this to my list of shopping resources! I need a new coffee table and wouldn't mind giving that Hermes tray table a new home. :)


  1. Haven't had a chance yet, but I'm thinking that Saturday morning will be a really nice time to leisurely "click" through the new issue!!

    By the way - I was going around to ask for rug opinions and saw that you already left me one! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. :-)

  2. I know....Love that Lonny too!

  3. I checked it out. I thought it was great. I will probably look at it again a few more times:)


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