Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flea Market Finds

This sunday we took my husband's parents, who were in town from Toronto, to Pasadena. They had never visited this adorable little town complete with its beautiful tree-lined streets, gorgeous old houses, and fun FLEA MARKETS!

Unfortunately, they aren't in town next weekend for the huge Rose Bowl Flea Market, so we tried out the Pasadena City College Flea Market. Although it was smaller and lacked the charm of being held around the famous Rose Bowl, this flea market was still lots of fun and had great treasures to be found!

Us ladies were in our element...

There was so much stuff to look at! I have been into stone lamps lately and the one on the right was beautiful, but too big for my place. Oh, and I had just got a new alabaster lamp two days before (hehe)...

{Cute eggplant painting}

{Vintage faux bamboo dining chairs}

{Amazing strands of beads...so many ideas for these!}

The only thing I bought (scratch that, I also bought vintage alphabets blocks to spell R-A-E-L) were two Dorothy Thorpe glass and silver trays. I wasn't familiar with Dorothy Thorpe but these pieces caught my eye with their textured glass bottoms and sparkly silver and gold patterns. The vendor explained who they were designed by, and I realized they had more of a history than I had originally thought. 

Dorothy Thorpe was a Los Angeles- based glassware designer in the 30s. She is well-known for painting silver on glassware - trays, bowls, glasses, etc. I really liked that these pieces had an LA design history and snapped up the large oval platter, and one of the square trays (not visible in this picture). I'm kicking myself for not buying the small bowl too! After some googling and browsing on eBay I discovered that my pieces were part of the Atomic Silver Explosion collection. I love that I learned so much from this flea market stroll!

{Dorothy Thorpe glassware, all silver except the far right which is gold}

I was worried about how these would blend in my living room and dining room, but they mix surprisingly well - once I decide where these are going I'll take a picture to share. And what a fun way to take some LA design history with me when I eventually move back to Canada!

What's your favorite flea market find?


  1. that flea market seems amazing! you've definitely got me thinking of ideas for projects with beads... i hope you're having a lovely week!

  2. So jealous! Wish we had great flea markets like that in Texas. More specifically, in my area.

    And I love those glass trays - they're gorgeous! What beautiful pieces of history.

  3. how cute are you guys! she is such a doll and I love flea markets!!


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