Saturday, June 19, 2010

Long-Awaited Mirror Reveal...

Some of you may remember the mirrors I scored at a local estate sale...

Well, I have finally got around to painting them and hanging them in my bedroom. After a very light sanding I did an extremely fast prime job. Funny but I kind of liked the haphazard look of the blue-grey primer, messily brushed on the mirrors...

I had originally thought of painting these mirrors with a matte blue-grey paint (perhaps why I was drawn to the prime job!), but I ended up going with a yellow-green to keep things in the room more cohesive. I chose Savannah Green by Benjamin Moore and also went with a gloss finish - total change of plans! :) 

Because I loved the worn, aged look of the mirrors in their primed stage, I decided to apply the yellow-green paint with a dry brush "technique". I didn't fuss about getting the paint to cover perfectly, and liked how the blue-grey primer showed through in some spots. (Note: the color is more accurate in the above photo, these ones below show the color MUCH subtler than it really is)

I LOVE the layered paint effect. It adds so much more dimension, texture and interest to the mirrors! Lastly, when the mirrors were dry, I look fine sandpaper and lightly distressed some of the raised edges to reveal the dark wood beneath. Et voila - mirror perfection!

In-room photos are coming this week, so be sure to check back!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow with your fathers and/or husbands!


  1. they look awesome saara! can't wait to see them in your room!

  2. These came out great, can't wait to see the in room photos!

  3. Saara, these turned out beautifully! I am loving gray wash finishes too. I really like they gray peeking through the yellow. Fabulous combo! I can't wait to see them displayed in your room:)

  4. The mirrors look great! Can't wait to see the room!

  5. love the color and shape of these- you must post photos when you get them all hung up


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