Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Just Paint!

It's easy to paint moulding white, but consider the statement you could make by simply painting it out in a color - keep it subtle or be dramatic. Don't worry, it's just paint!

You don't have to paint your moulding a high contrast or flashy color in order to draw attention to its detail. Create a subtle look by painting your moulding the same color as your walls...

You can also achieve a soft look by choosing a shade slightly darker or lighter than your wall color...

If you're feeling more dramatic, go high contrast. Classic black and white is a great scheme, and black moulding looks fabulous!

Not sure about black, why not ease into it? We love how one portion of this moulding has been painted, creating a thin, interesting stripe.

Don't be afraid to try any of these options in just one room of your house. The two images below are adjacent rooms and demonstrate nicely how you can mix different looks successfully...

Lastly, take color outside and freshen up the look of an exterior facade...

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