Monday, September 14, 2009

Say Yes to White!

We know it's after Labor Day, but don't dismiss a white scheme just yet! A white color palette may seem clean, fresh and Springy - perfectly suitable for a room located in a warm climate. But, don't forget to look at it as a simple yet sophisticated neutral canvas ready to be warmed up with texture and changeable accents - perfect for any season!

Materials such as shimmery glass and crystal, shiny stainless steel, and traditional-style moulding details add texture, interest and warmth to these white spaces...

The following white rooms are made cozy with the addition of rustic wood and earthy accents...

You can also take an otherwise achromatic space and add a small splash of color to suit your current mood or season. Paint an accent wall or add a colorful accessory such as a throw or flowers - all of these can be easily changed later...

Next time you're looking to freshen up a space and can't decide on a color, go without. Don't forget you can create a warm and interesting space with white!

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