Monday, September 21, 2009


Who doesn't love the sight and smell of fresh flowers?! We at GEORGE, like most people, find an arrangement of flowers to be uplifting and beautiful. We also feel they should be a NECESSARY accessory. Try to keep fresh flowers throughout your house every day, not just when guests are expected!

Arrangements don't have to be fancy or expensive - a simple vase filled with a couple stems will do the trick on a weekly basis. Have you ever noticed that all magazine spreads include some variety of blooms or greenery?

Experiment with different arrangement sizes, flower varieties, and color combinations to convey your current mood or to set the scene for special occasions. We like tulips and hydrangea for a fresh-cut-from-the-garden, casual feel...

The lush and sophisticated peony lends a touch a femininity...

Use greenery for a more masculine space, or to keep the feel low-key yet interesting...

And lastly, don't forget - while fresh flowers add all sorts of loveliness, limp wilted ones are a bummer! Don't let your flowers sit around past their expiration date.

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