Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture Picture On The Wall...

Family photos and sentimental artwork can really make your house a home. Instead of hanging pieces alone, give your photos and/or artwork a bit more oomph by displaying them in clusters. Try varying your arrangements by number, size, frame style or color - the combinations are endless!

For those who crave a neat and orderly look, try arranging pieces in a GRID. It can be as simple as an arrangement following a straight horizontal or vertical line, or you may opt to design a tight grid creating the illusion of moulding or wallpaper.

A more whimsical grouping, similar to the way old-master pieces were displayed years ago during art shows, is the SALON-STYLE arrangement. Salon-style clusters work great when you have many pieces that are different sizes, or when your walls are an odd shape. Create an eclectic feel by using multiple frame styles and/or colors, or keep things slightly more cohesive by using frames in only one color.

An alternative to hanging all-together is the PICTURE RAIL. This option works well for both symmetrical arrangements and more casual, layered groupings. Use your mantel as a single picture rail, or hang multiple rails on one wall.

When there is little flat wall available, still hang! Here are a few examples of artwork hung over exposed framing or bookshelves. This LAYERED arrangement adds a nice 3-dimensional element to the walls.

This last look is unique as it includes many of the above ideas in one. We love the linear symmetry, the whimsical selection of frames, and the depth created by the layered design. Can't wait to try this out!

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