Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GEORGE Projects: Velodrome @ The Home Depot Center

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today we are featuring the lobby of the velodrome arena at the Home Depot Center that we've been working on. The Home Depot Center is located in Carson, California and features a velodrome arena with a specially designed 250 meter indoor wood bicycle racing track that the U.S. Olympic team uses for training. We've been cycling through (pun intended!) the redesign of their lobby with vigor lately.

The lobby was quite empty and in dire need of some sprucing up, as you can see in the "before" photos posted below. Take a look:


We decided that the space needed to be more multi-functional and interactive. Here is the conceptual photo that we pitched to the excellent team at the Home Depot Center:

The space was challenging due to its multitude of entrances and the flow of traffic, with people coming in and out in all directions. To accommodate this, we built a desk on a radius to provide privacy and security for the staff and accessibility for patrons. Additionally, the center upgraded their admission technology, allowing for a convenient keypad swipe for members. Seating for cyclists and guests was added, and food and beverages - healthy of course! - can be found for sale behind the counter. And now the afters:

Another successful project! See you next post :)

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