Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bathrooms, Creating Warm and Cozy

What can you do to improve a bathroom with a view situated next to the beach? Stick around and we'll show you! Here's what it originally looked like:

The original tub footprint cut awfully close to the entry of the bathroom. The owners wanted to turn this 90 degrees to create more room when you entered the bathroom. The original tub was too big which means LONG fill up times...

Here's the new tub deck all framed up:

The vanity and shower are also getting a makeover. Here are the electricians and framers hard at work:

Everyone's hard at work to get this project going and we're so excited to show you the new look once the project is complete. Wait until you see the in wall electric fireplace. That's a GEORGE first. Who likes to get in the bath when the air is freezing cold?! Experienced bather client = genius! Prettier pictures to come we promise!

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  1. I have a bathroom that is almost finished as well. Favorite space to design!


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