Friday, January 14, 2011

Westwind Residence Reveal!

Just before the holidays, Saara and I braved our way through LA traffic (Saara) and potentially going into labor (Emily), to meet at the Westwind Residence in Marina del Rey for a very ambitious 4 room installation. It was a remarkably orchestrated event considering the art hangers, drapery installers, electricians, movers, designers and clients all sharing the same space and all equally important to the projects' overall success! ENJOY this montage of photos of the nearly completed living room. We are still awaiting our lounge chairs but feast your eyes on that INCREDIBLE chandelier... wow...

If you like what you see... stay tuned because I'll post some of the individual items from the living room next week. And of course there are 3 more rooms yet to show you!!!


  1. Oh, I really love the light!!! I have never seen this before. Beautiful work as always. I love to see anything that you will share about your projects. I am sure your clients feel lucky to have your talent used on their homes.

    Amy R.

  2. What a cool light project- I love it! PS. I also love your little designer in training, how cute is that!?!

  3. It is cool stuff! I like to see this impressive pictures of living room. You decorate all the things very perfectly. I like to watch lightning in this living area. Thanks for sharing such a nice stuff.


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