Monday, January 10, 2011

MEANINGful Monday

Hepplewhite. Name for an 18th Century English design style made popular by cabinetmaker George Hepplewhite. The Hepplewhite Style is most easily identified by the elegant "Shield" chair back. Another popular version of a Hepplewhite chair is this beautiful "Heart" back chair featured here:

Photo Credit: February 2011 House Beautiful, Interior Design by Gideon Mendelson


  1. Interesting! There was a restaurant bar named Hepplewhite's at one time where I live. It was in an old house in downtown and really cool. They closed unfortunately. I always liked the name and never thought of its meaning so thanks for posting.

  2. Cool! Thanks for posting that, I love making connections! In which city do you live?

  3. Sorry, this is Emily. I didn't realize that I was signed in as my husband on that last comment!


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