Sunday, November 14, 2010

Custom Baby!

Anyone who has watched their home transform from a nice, clean, adult living space to an overwhelming playground for BABY will appreciate this... custom swing and bouncy chair covers!!!

After inheriting a gently used swing and bouncy chair from a friend, I decided to give them new life and make them coordinate with my apartment decor at the same time... I used the existing covers as the templates and just sewed my cute fabrics right over them.

The bouncy chair required one extra step, sanding and spraying the red frame the same antique white found in the rest of the "nursette."

And after a few hours of drying, here is the bamboo bouncy chair, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby M in just 4 short weeks!!!

If you are interested in making custom baby covers, don't hesitate to contact me for pricing/lead times! (

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