Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beeline Home

I found myself perusing Interior Designer Bunny Williams' product line, Beeline Home, this afternoon and was pleasantly greeted by pretty things. 

I'll start with what may be my favorite piece, the Bottoms Up table. I LOVE the unique shape with the perfect deep gold finish and ivory top - this would pair beautifully beside ANY arm chair, modern and traditional.

How fun is this little stool? The Red Tape Bench also comes in a longer, rectangular shape. 

The Hourglass table, which also comes in a silver-leaf finish, is a true show-stopper. It is both bold and elegant, just like I would like to be. :)

And gosh, do I love all the nailhead detail on the Nailhead sofa! To me, it's modern with French flair and tres chic!

Should I be surprised that these were my favorite photos in Bunny Williams' portfolio?! It took me a second to clue in, but sure enough they're FULL of my Beeline favs! Those brown and gold Nailhead sofas are to die for.



  1. sometimes I think I'll change my name to bunny

  2. These pieces are wonderful because they are so versatile they can be used with a number of decors.


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