Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Perfect Shade

I bet you thought I was going to talk about color right? Nope! 

I scored a gorgeous alabaster lamp at my local antique store months ago and have been hunting for the right shade, until yesterday. I recently found a lighting clearance center near my house and lo and behold, I walked in and spied the most perfect ivory linen oval drum shade.
{Please excuse the plastic wrap in the photos, I got carried away with excitement and asked my husband to hold the shade in place because I still need to buy a harp and forgot about unwrapping it first....and you know how he'd love the idea of holding it up for me again. :) }

I love the simple lines of a drum shade and feel they add a nice modern touch to my antique lamp. What I love more is that the fabric wasn't just any old cotton, but a nice linen with a wider edge detail, AND the oval shape makes it a smidgen more interesting than the more common round drum. I'm happy, can you tell?! 

PS. The oval drum is a good alternative when you want the drum look, but don't have the depth for a round shade. This oval drum actually fits nicely against the wall on my narrow console table!

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  1. Found you through your comment at Deliciously Organized and have to agree with you that I love the oval shade. I just bought one for an Aidan Gray candlestick that I had converted into a lamp. Blogged about it a few posts ago if you want to see. Just wanted to say I get your love!

    Happy Friday!


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