Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Little Asian Flair

I recently found this bedroom image and was drawn to its soothing, neutral palette mixed with my favorite color right now - orange! I like that it feels like a very relaxing bedroom and that it is a great example of varied texture - soft faux fur throw, rough piece of coral, nubbly upholstered headboard, sleek wood side tables, shiny gilt frame.....I could go on, but I think you get the point. :)

Another reason I like this room...

It includes a ~1960s temple rubbing from Bangkok, Thailand that is VERY similar to the one I just scooped up at a local antique store...

{Apparently these rubbings, created mostly during the 1960s, are becoming more valuable because the Thai government stopped allowing people to create rubbings of their historical temple reliefs in 1995. After years and years of creating these rubbing on rice paper, the stone reliefs were being damaged and worn down. I also read that they no longer allow these leave the country. Kinda interesting.}

I'm excited for the day when my temple rubbing makes its way into a pretty permanent home! I don't have many Asian pieces in my home, but I will always remember one of my teachers at UCLA stating his theory on creating a "perfect", classic room. 

Number one, something Asian. 
Number two, something black. 
Number three, I can't remember! Gah! 

Anyway, I agree one the first two points - something with a bamboo motif always looks classic, as does a piece of Asian-designed ceramic (I still love my garden stool!). And a black object ALWAYS helps to anchor a room. 

This purchase is for you Gray Adams, thanks for the tips!

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  1. I love that print. My current client would love that.

    The sofa one would probably be around $8 or $9k to the trade. The simple one we bought was 5. They really are super well designed. The one that had the shelf could pivot down so that you didn't have to take the books off when you folded it down into a bed if you didn't want to. You should see if anyone has them in a showroom on your side of the world:)


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