Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Spy Lots of Canopies!

Until this week, I have always thought of myself as an upholstered headboard gal. No longer, my friends! I have finally taken notice of all the iron canopy beds I was spying - and LOVING! My only rule, no draping fabric, please.

Iron beds are a great way to add an additional material/texture to a bedroom. They blend beautifully with wood side tables and dressers; and while they are metal, they look light and airy visually which I am drawn to right now. A nice departure from their heavier-feeling, thick and tufted, upholstered cousins!

Bedrooms to dream about...

Sleeping in this bedroom would feel like you're in a birdcage, and I love that.  Along with the zig-zag rug, the turquoise accents are perfectly placed and keep the room from feeling to frilly. PS. Can you see those pleated, ruffly curtains....

{Miles Redd via Domino}

This bedroom is a perfect example of how the canopy bed can be masculine too. I know my husband would be content slumbering in here!

{Phoebe Howard via decorpad}

Another gorgeous room and bed! I want to point out that a few of these beds have the added bonus of a high yet thin headboard, perfect for reading in bed and keeping those pillows from becoming wedged between the mattress and wall - I love getting the best of both worlds!

{Alisberg Parker Architects via decorpad}

Lastly, my absolute favorite! I particularly love the shape of this bed, not to mention the AMAZING wallpaper, and stunning area rug, wood floors, darling chair, art, etc etc etc. This image has been saved to my inspiration folder. :)
{Elaine Griffin via her website}


  1. I love canopy beds too! The patterns in these pictures are so inspiring. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope all is well in your design world.

  2. ohhhh .. you and I are going to get along just fine..:-) I just found you randomnly and I am so glad...

    off to see the rest of your blog..


  3. The Miles Redd one will always be one of my favorites!


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