Thursday, July 29, 2010

Emily's Fav!

Emily sent me over to check out her favorite designer's portfolio - you must take a look at the work of Tom Scheerer! It was chock-full of beautiful and inspiring images, and I also happen to love how it was organized - city, country, beach, commercial.

While there are many many portfolios out there that I love to browse and most contain stunning images, I seldom find one that is full of designs with out of the ordinary and unique ideas.

Not completely unheard of, but I don't see floating beds often. I'm really liking all the varying texture and furnishing styles in the first image with the twin bed, and the second room seems like an extremely relaxing and airy place to sleep...something about sleeping in the middle of a room seems freeing to me!

How about all those circular rugs? Quite unexpected, and I like!

{All images via Tom Scheerer Inc}

Don't you love Scheerer's inventive designs? It's refreshing to see spaces that are playful and creative, yet elegant and timeless. Definitely a FUN portfolio to peruse!


Okay, this is Emily now.. I just had to weigh in on this posting dedicated to Mr. Scheerer since I adore his work. (thank you Saara for writing this post!)

Dear Tom,

I love the way you so seamlessly maneuver between so many different design styles; urban to country to your set-point-style, island...

I love how you have so much fun playing with design elements to truly create something captivating to look at.

I love that when I discovered your website, I realized that I probably had 20+ of your rooms already stored away in my design binders.

I love your clean style that somehow always feels completely liveable.

And lastly, I love your color combinations and how you almost always incorporate something playfully unexpected in every room.

Thank you for the design porn as Joe and Kim over at Desire to Inspire like to say:)

Love, Emily


  1. Love that round rug! That really makes that room!

  2. You two are adorable! I love that gold bed. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love a punch of unexpected. I like something interesting in design that makes people look twice. I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what the two of you are up to:)

  4. Emily, I totally agree. Tom is one of the best!


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