Saturday, July 17, 2010

Discovering John Pawson, Master of Luxurious Minimalism

I've always dreamed of designing a yacht someday so when I came across this spread in June 2010 Elle Decor, my heart absolutely melted. The design is absolutely beautiful and practical to a moving ship in everyway. Architect/designer John Pawson just made my list of top top career idols. And I should probably also give props to stylist Carlos Mota because his subtle touches; books, sea corals, flowers, bowls, cups, etc. give Pawson's designs life and excitement. This purple mast sail is going to rock your weekend:

Pawson carried the bleached teak floors from the ship's deck through to the interior floors and ceilings. The walls and bulkheads are covered in leathered parchment or white laquer.

The Christian Liagre sofa, Hans J. Wegner chairs and Bruno Weil pieces, as well as many Pawson-designed pieces create an atmosphere of luxurious minimalism. Do you think the yacht's owner and documentary filmmaker, Angela Ismailos, ever sits around amongst these beautiful furnishings in her bathing suit? I don't know why but I keep thinking about what I would wear if I were on that boat!

I think Elle Decor writer James Reginato summed up best what makes this boat so special... (It)...has an open, loftlike feel rarely found on sailboats. The airy, sunny atmosphere is reinforced by an unusual feature: the boat's large rectangular portholes, which admit profuse light, especially to the serene bedrooms below deck."

Have an inspired weekend!!


  1. That is one gorgeous yacht! It really does feel lofty and unique for a boat! My favorite part is the purple sail!! You didn't tell me about this article, have to look for it. :)

  2. loving the new layout!! I would loooove to design a yacht!

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