Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 Musts Under $10

I was thinking about the inexpensive things in my home that pack huge punch. Here are my top 5 things - all of which are less than $10! - that will cozy up a home in a flash.

Saara's recipe for instant warmth:

1. Photos
Framed photos, both candids and formal, make a home feel so much more personal and warm. I love looking at old photos in my home and remembering good times, or looking at photos in friends' homes and learning more about their life. Target and Michaels have options under $10...

{Samantha Pynn}

2. Canisters & Jars
I don't like excessive clutter on my kitchen counters, but LOVE the look of clear glass canisters. My favorite look is clear canisters of various sizes and shapes grouped together and filled with similar colored foods such as oatmeal, pasta, flour, sugar or cereal.  I recently bought some great canisters at Crate and Barrel on sale for $7 each...

{Crate & Barrel, Urban Grace}

3. Throws
Every sofa looks great with a soft throw draped on it. I have an ivory throw on my sofa and love how it adds another texture and color to the space. This Ikea throw is a steal at $8...

{Decorpad, Ikea}

4. Books
Display your books, both old and new! I love a well organized bookcase, or a fun pile stacked beside a chair. Garage sales and estate sales are GREAT places to find old books for pennies, seriously they can be 25-cents a piece!

{Domino, Decorpad}

5. Plants
It is incredible how living things transform a room! Try to have at least one plant in each room, they really add life and are really good for air quality. :) I picked up an adorable mid-size fern for $8 at Lowes a few months back and it's still green and beautiful...

{BelleMaison23, House Beautiful}

PS. The rest of the NYC project schematic images are coming early next week. Sorry about that! 


  1. Great suggestions! I am completely hooked on glass canisters too and I am continually amazed by what a difference a little bit of greenery makes in a room. Even if it is just cuttings from the yard!

  2. So true about yard clippings! And well within the budget :)

  3. I love your suggestions and I agree with all of them!

  4. Great suggestions. I agree that the photos really can make an impact in a room.

  5. I agree, great suggestions! Love that all could be bought and installed in a day too. Easy and inexpensive way to spruce up a space.

  6. I can't wait to see what you guys are doing in NYC! Let me know when you go out there and maybe we can meet for lunch!


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