Monday, May 3, 2010

Classic, Mod Marimekko

I have always been a fan of Marimekko EVERYTHING! Whenever I visit Finland I make sure to visit this Finnish textile company's store near the harbor and buy something special. Their bold, cheerful prints are so lively, fun and classic. I really love how so many of their patterns have been around for decades and are still fresh to look at and admire.

Marimekko shot to fame in the US when Jackie Kennedy starting wearing their dresses in the 60's. And leave it to Sex & the City to bring Marimekko back again years later. Not only was Carrie seen in a Marimekko bikini and dress, but her curtains were Marimekko as well...

Back to 2010...
I found these images particularly inspiring because they are great examples of how these spirited, colorful textiles can be mixed in homes of various styles...

{Clean, Modern}

{Vintage, Eclectic}

Marimekko prints are adorable, and one of my favorites, for baby nurseries...

And a perfect place to start when designing a new room for the kiddos...

{ps. I really think my daughter will be getting snuggly in one of these duvets soon. love, love, love! so hard to pick just one!}

If you don't already own something from this famous Finnish design company, you should. I promise, you can fit a piece of Marimekko's bold beauty into any space.

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