Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Attention HGTV Lovers...

I know many of you likely watch HGTV and so I wanted to make you aware of a show that they just recently started to air. My all-time favorite TV design host is Sarah Richardson, who has 4 - count them FOUR! - design shows! I have a love/hate relationship with her. Well really it's love/jealously because hey, I'm a Saara from Toronto who's a designer. And well, I want to be her. And if her beautiful room designs aren't enough for me to covet, she also designs great furniture.

For 5 long years I have missed watching new episodes of Room Service, Design Inc, Sarah's House and Sarah's Cottage because only really old episodes were shown on FLN in the US but now very luckily for me, and you, they are airing brand new seasons of Sarah's House on HGTV. Yay! You must check out the farmhouse she is currently renovating - the show always starts with her real estate search and goes through all the steps to create the home she wants. And at the end she has her realtor assess the new value of her project. It's fun and educational watching her go through all of the steps.

* * *

To lure you in, here are some shots from the first season of Sarah's House...

I think she does a great job at keeping the charm in old houses apparent while mixing in new and vintage materials and furnishings.

I love the way she mixes patterns in wallpaper and fabric so effortlessly...

The shows talk a lot about budget which is nice to see on TV and she regularly uses stock cabinets and has them sprayed for a more economic, custom look...

Lots of her shopping is done if thrift stores and at auctions (which makes me miss home because I recognize all of her favorite stops). She bought these dining chairs for peanuts and had them refinished along with a slew of other items for this house...

I really liked the adult den in the house and would love to have that brass pendant and coffee table! I know the coffee table was vintage and super cheap, just another item that makes me thirsty for furniture hunting!

The kids bathroom was fun and a great example of how she uses inexpensive tile in interesting ways to create a more expensive look (hard to see but the white tiles are laid in varying directions and patterns). The vanity was a nightstand that was purchased online and then painted and topped with a sink...

Even I wouldn't mind doing laundry in this room. She really gives every room a lot of thought. The large frame on the left is hung on a piano hinge so it can swing open to reveal the ugly circuit breaker box. So smart...

All of these photos were taken from Sarah Richardson Design, and you can view the complete set of photos from this home 'here'.

Anyway, check her out. I think you'll be glad you did!


  1. i'm obsessed with Sarah's house! i love everything about her....her accent, her wardrobe and her design.

  2. haha...I always get a kick out of people saying that we Canadians have an accent. :)

  3. Your Sarah post is great, I actually did not know she had so many shows. I looked at your portfolio and you are fabulous! I really am envious of your talent.

    Amy R.

  4. I'm loving looking through your blog! It's wonderful!
    I have just been turned onto Sarah's house, and you're right - it's wonderful!

    But that accent!!! I'm from Texas, and always get a kick when people tell me I have an accent (like you do) - but oh my gosh!! That "o-u" sound when she says things like "house" or "you" or any word with an "o" and "u" next to each other... I don't even think I can pronounce it like she does!! LOL!! But I'm sure to you two, I'd probably sound like Ellie May or Daisy Duke. ;-)


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