Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

So it is officially spring and I must say, it feels like it in California! We have been having AMAZING weather, and while it is divine to be outside more with gorgeous blossoms on all the trees, I am worried about how hot it is getting so early. Summer is a whole other story, and it is not my favorite down here.

Doesn't this photo really capture the beauty of the season? Love it.

Back to those blossoms I was talking about! I live in a town known for all of its orange groves and that fact is by faaaaaar the best thing about it. Our apartment is surrounded by citrus trees in every yard and every March and April the air is intoxicating - I literally cannot stop breathing in the sweet smell! Not to go too overboard, but I think this is one of my all time favorite things.

All the fresh greenery outside has made me reassess interior greenery. I love flowers, but every room needs some permanent foliage. Think of it as another necessary accessory, like artwork.

Here are some great examples of beautiful houseplants. Personally, I'm really into the large, durable leaves found on these fiddlehead fig and banana trees. Need one. They're like living sculpture.

{Hollywood Hills home of American Pie screenwriter Adam Herz }

{Mod Miami living room of Danielle and Hani El-Naffy}

{Hollywood producer Lisa Henson's Beverly Hills terrace}

{In the master bath of architect William Georgis and art consultant Richard Marshall in Manhattan}

My Mum always had asparagus fern in our kitchen and I never really liked them - they seemed so unruly and prickly. This photo, however, has changed my mind. I think in a small size they look interesting and the nest-like, tangly quality adds amazing texture to a room.

{Fashion designer Elie Saab’s weekend villa near Beirut, Lebanon}

This classic ivy is perfect for this space. Love the large topiary arrangements, they add the finishing touch to this design...

{Interior designer Vicente Wolf’s New York City living room }

Another plant that is readily available and I hadn't given a second thought to, the Corn plant. I've never liked the spiky look of this plant, but somehow it looks SO GOOD in this interior entrance. I wonder if my living room can make this plant look good?

{Interior designer Frank Roop’s entrance hall in Boston}


  1. yea for Spring! I need to get more green plants in my house all year long- I have a thing about killing them, oops

  2. I wish I could keep a plant alive- when done well they add so much. They also improve the indoor air quality.

  3. I too am lacking a bright green thumb! Most of these plants are supposed to be fairly easy to care for, I think I'm going to give it a try again soon. :)

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