Monday, March 22, 2010

Bedroom on a Budget

About two years ago I wanted to do something a bit more mature with our bedroom. We had recently moved in to an all white, carpeted, mirrored closet doors, no architectural details apartment. Blah. Blah! BLAH! Not allowed to paint, I had to try really hard to make my boring white walls work for me as best I could - and on a major budget! Here's what I did for under $500.

~The Before~
Not a great photo, but you see all the white, no headboard, no bedside tables, and a lovely, young Diego.

~The After~
It has been this way ever since. The only things I started with were the tall antique dresser (thank you Mum & Dad), mattress, and two Pottery Barn gourd lamps (thank you wedding shower gift certificate).

So, how'd I spend my $500? I wanted to keep my bedside tables wood in a dark stain to blend well with the dresser, but I chose a more modern style. I love a mix of old and new! They were only $80 each on sale at World Market.

Next I asked my Dad to help me built a headboard during one of his visits (It's a perk to have a Dad with a construction company! He can teach me to make anything). A few yards of fabric, plywood, foam, batting and buttons and we created a headboard that I was proud of, and all for about $150.

Next I found the perfect bedding at Anthropologie - on sale! I was thrilled because I loved the pattern and the duvet cover and shams were only $120. Lastly, I clipped my favorite bird illustrations from an old calendar and framed them in Umbra frames - only $15 each. Et voila!

So all this is to say, it's time to tweak what we've been living in. We need more storage, and I really want to add something behind our bedside tables to add more interest to our otherwise - STILL - white walls. Oh and there is a budget yet...consignment stores, thrift marts, and estate sales you will be hunted!

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