Wednesday, February 10, 2010

design SNOOPS

Here are the homes our weekly neighborhood galavanting has uncovered. Check back again next week to see some more of the great home and garden designs sprinkled throughout our local streets. And don't forget, if you think there is something snoop-worthy about your house, email us a pic with a one-liner about why you love it!


This week we're going clean, sleek & mod!

These houses are amazing! We really love all of the clean, straight lines, common to both residences. The concrete plaster and grey panels look great adjacent to the wood (on the first house it may even be recycled plastic that looks like wood) siding. This provides a nice mix of both texture, and a warm and cool color-palette. Both houses have also designed their facades with prominent horizontal lines. On the first house, the concrete balcony creates a large horizontal band, and the siding is laid horizontally as well. The large panels and wooden siding are also placed in a horizontal grid pattern on the second example.

The metal roof and stainless steel chimney stacks are also appropriate choices for the first contemporary house, and lend a slightly industrial feel. All of these architectural products look great together and should be fairly maintenance-free, which is also a plus! Personally, my favorite part of this home is how the clean, no fuss lines are mixed so perfectly with the soft, beach grasses and greenery. I feel like there couldn't be a better garden for this house. Just look at how those grasses compliment this home - perfection!

Common in modern architecture,the second house has a flat roof which I also really like. You can see some holes in the piece of roof that bridges the left and right side of the home - this is a nice detail that could be fitted with accent lighting and/or cast interesting shadows during daytime. The landscaping around this home also has a soft, natural feel which nicely flatters the architecture's rigid lines and grid pattern.


  1. Hi Saara. I am wondering do u know the architect of the first house?

  2. Hi there! I do not know the name of the architect. However if you email Emily, she may be able to give you the address of the home (if you're local) and you could ask the owner? Sorry I can't help more!


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