Wednesday, February 3, 2010

design SNOOPS

While out snooping this week, we've dug up some beautiful Spanish-style architecture. Originally from the East coast, I wasn't immersed in Spanish architecture until moving to California. Over the years, I have really grown to LOVE Spanish houses, they are so perfectly "California" to me now!

* * *

Both of these houses are great, contemporary examples of Spanish revival architecture. They have low-pitched, clay tiles roofs (love the traditional dark terra-cotta color), stuccoed exteriors, fine iron work, a variety of arched windows, and a classic balcony.

My favorite detail of the first house is the dark turquoise blue color used on the window trims and framing. Turquoise accented windows is the traditional choice for Spanish architecture, but I particularly like that this house has used a muted variation of the color. It refers to the classic choice, but in a subtle way. Also, notice the continuation of semi-circular forms on the balcony.

The second house takes the traditional arch one step further and includes a semi-circular arcade. What a gorgeous porch, or more correctly portico, to sit under with a sangria in hand. I also love the trailing flowers hanging from the balcony. Houses like this make me feel like I am on vacation somewhere - what a great way to feel!

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