Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Golden Moment

I always had a preference for silver accents when it came down to the question of silver or gold. From kitchen cabinet hardware to jewelry chains and ring bands and the metal letters on the car that indicate its model, I've always preferred the silver hue of nickel and chrome to the golden hue of brass. Lately, though, I've been loving the gold!

I was digging deep and asking myself the tough questions that lead to this change of heart. I thought about all of the reading I'd been doing about one of my favorite periods in art history lately: the Vienna Secession. Images of Gustav Klimt's beautiful gold leaf paintings and the white and gold contrast of Joseph Olbrich's Secession Building in Austria started popping into my head. Aha! Perhaps that's what has been influencing me. Check them out:

Gustav Klimt's Adele Block-Bauer I:

Joseph Olbrich's Secession Building and its details:

The Vienna Secession developed in the late 19th century and carried on into the early 20th century, with its active years about parallel to that of the Art Nouveau movement. It was comprised of a school of painters, craftsmen, and architects who sought to reject the pomp and formality of the flamboyant architecture and design that dominated most of the 19th century. They instead favored a return to more natural and functional forms. There was no strictly unifying "look" to this artistic movement, but rather a collective spirit to the art and designs that defined it. The movement's motto was, "To the age, its art. To art, its freedom."

Now let's look at some fun, modern day pieces with golden-hued designs that I've been loving lately! (Mind you, these are not Vienna Secession designs. They're just pretty. And golden.)  


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  2. If you're decorating with gold in mind, then you're in good company. Many celebrities and members of royalty have used this precious metal in their decorating schemes.

  3. I really like what you have here! I've actually been taking an interior architectural design class in college this past semester and found your work pretty inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  4. Maybe a simple jewel like moonstone or sea stone be a good restaurant, parks

  5. I love the elongated modern faucet. It's the first time I've seen it here. I wonder if some hotels have ordered to install a faucet like this. Very classy and sophisticated.

  6. that is great!! i love people's personal styles and how it can be so effortless (or seem effortless!). like the mix of modern, bright whites, and vintagey plus a love of artwork, clearly. and of course that big old tall stump of tree!

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