Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zig Or Zag?

Lately it seems like I've been spotting chevron patterns everywhere I turn - on floors, on walls, on furniture - EVERYWHERE! I see it in my dreams. However, it was when I stumbled upon these lovely detail images on the Taj Mahal that I think I officially fell in love:

Aren’t those details gorgeous? From fun and bold to elegant and understated, the chevron pattern is a nice  decorative element that can add movement and depth to an interior. Its cousin, the herringbone pattern, can also achieve similar effects. The only difference between the two is that chevron consists of planks or tiles with edges that are cut at an angle while herringbone consists of rectangular planks or tiles. Thus, the chevron pattern has a distinct line (or illusion of one) running down the middle while herringbone is pieced together more like a zigzag jigsaw puzzle. A minor detail, but when you’re a design junkie it’s all about the details!

So which do you prefer? Are you Team Chevron or are you Team Herringbone? 




  1. I actually really like the white and blue chevron floor, it goes very well with the style of the windows.

  2. So elegant... like modernist 60's architecture and JETCLASS furniture.... love it!

  3. Captivating... Unbelievable work done to design the room Internally.


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