Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Terms: Persian Rugs...

What you need to know is this: When it comes to the finest in rugs, Persians (the real deal from Iran) are king. Here are a few that I love. These are all hand-knotted, vegetable dyed, antique Persians from Iran. Contact me for prices and sizing as I would love to see these rugs go to good homes. (and my husband will kill me if any of them go to my good home although I'm seriously considering it.)

And this is no Persian but she is just as dear. How cute it my little 6-month-old Selby!:


  1. she's getting so big! I SO want a nice rug for me soon

  2. Your little 6-month-old Selby is so cute and adorable! I just love these antique Persian carpets from Iran! I would be very happy to have a unique and nice Persian carpet in my living room. thanks for this sharing, Emily!


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