Monday, May 23, 2011

House of GEORGE

THANK YOU SO MUCH LINDSEY at BETTER AFTER.BLOGSPOT for featuring Selby's Nursette!! It is soo exciting to see your own work on someone else's blog and thank you to all of you who've commented for your votes of confidence! I'm including a few more for those of you who were inspired by what you could do with such a little space. Thank you again, you made my week!

Here is a close up of that sweet sweet bassinet.

Here is the "after" of the door situation which needed to be covered (and yes, I left the diaper genie in the shot to keep it honest!):

And the "Before":

And lastly, this is Baby Selby with her Gramzy, whom dare I say, seems happy enough living just off our kitchen!

For all of Lindsey's inspiring posts and witty comments, click here: Better After Blogspot

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