Saturday, March 19, 2011

GEORGE Projects, Faux or Faux Pas

Plants. Most of my clients are unsure of themselves when it comes having real or faux plants in their home. Too busy to maintain living plants, they are reluctant to add faux for fear of making a faux pas! What do you think of these pretty sprigs that I used in a recent photo shoot at Westwind Residence... real or faux??

While fresh blooms have a time and a place, (I'm enjoying my blood orange ranunculas from the farmers market right now) faux plants deserve a place in the home too. I use these faux arrangements with faux succulents and candles for entries or bathrooms:

Other places to look for good faux are Michaels or World Market. Just stick to simple and colors that are true to nature and you will pull it off beautifully!

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