Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter White Wow

Toronto designer Colleen McGill really knocked it out of the park with this design featured in Style At Home! I love the simple Christmas decor set up in this space (it is a holiday issue after all), but it's the clean, winter white palette that is most dreamy. Perhaps it's more impressive to me than the regular person, as the momma to a 20-month old who hasn't seen a space so clean - and white! - in months. Twenty to be exact! 

Anyhow! I would love to live in a space just like this one, once my babies have all grown up. It is the most perfect mix of traditional architectural details and modern furnishings - a recipe I can't get enough of.

{I'm having a love-fest with this design so I'll just point out what makes my heart pitter-patter...}

love the full mirror behind the console, love the lucite console, love the modern ceiling fixture

love the window treatment hardware, love the tree

love the swanky sconces, love the warm wood floor, love the white walls with moulding

LOVE the elliptical chandelier, love the linen rug

love the bowl o' bulbs!
{All images via Style At Home}

I'm hoping to share the festive touches in my home later this week, so long as the little diva gives me a minute to take some photos! ;)


  1. soooo pretty. I'm beginning to think Canadian designers are the best:)

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  3. Really very cool stuff! For me this one is perfect design for Christmas. It is very clean and white which looks so rich. One thing I like the most in your article that is beautiful decorated tree. You decorated very well this Christmas tree.

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