Thursday, December 2, 2010

Festive Facades 2010

It's officially December and time for outdoor holiday decorations, if you haven't put them up already! 

Last December I posted some decor tips and photos of some favorite holiday facades here, and after taking a look back I decided that I still love them. Definitely worth a quick look!

Canadian House & Home has a few beautiful festive facades to admire this year. I like every part of this porch - the urns have a great variety of color, texture and height. I also think the soft draping garland and large gold star above the door keep this entry looking sophisticated, but with a ounce of whimsy...

My favorite part of this design is the use of the large grapevine balls. I think these are a perfect and easy way to display more lights in your urn arrangement, and because they are available in sooooo many sizes, the design options are endless. If you're going to use only one ball in each urn, go BIG! Make sure your grapevine ball is the correct scale for your planter so it doesn't get lost and look silly. And if you choose to display multiples, work with groups of three.

I love the way this patio feels so inviting despite the snow. I think a lot of us allow our backyard areas to fall apart once the weather turns cold. But wouldn't it be much nicer to look out your window and see something like this rather than a dark and empty space?! Oh, and check out those grapevine balls....they're everywhere! 

{ps. don't forget about the magic of spray paint - if you want to add a little sparkle or color to your design, these balls would be easy to paint gold or silver, or a custom color to match your current decor.}

It is starting to feel festive around our house. We starting unloading our decorations last night and got the tree up minus some bulbs. 

Guess who was loving it?! All. Day.


  1. very pretty. I need to go find some Chevy Chase lights. That makes me feel like Christmas. How was your trip!

  2. All lovely, especially the last two:)

    Amy R.

  3. Really wonderful Chevy Chase lights. This idea will help me for this Christmas to decorate my house. I like all the idea very much. Thanks for sharing with us!


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