Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Jewels of Rue

For those of you who don't know (there has been a lot of blogging about this!) a new - and free! - design e-mag launched last week! So far there are many jewels hidden deep within Rue's electronic pages - our favorite jewel from the premiere issue, however, is this GORGEOUS necklace by Elva Fields!

We are thrilled that Elva Fields was included in this issue because they have amazing, one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry, but also because the owner/designer happens to be our Emily's sister-in-law Emily. Yes, both of these talented designers are named Emily Maynard! If you haven't surfed over to Elva Fields' website yet you should because their unique necklaces made with vintage finds make a perfect statement and look beautiful when you're dressing up or going casual!

My husband surprised me with this Elva Fields necklace a few years ago and I still love it. I need to buy another one though, because the designs just keep getting better and better!

{Elva Fields, vintage celluloid belt buckle & crystal necklace}

Some of their current goodies...

Day By Day

Our moods change day by day, and the various colors of jade--from melon-y pink to chartreuse--will suit your every temperament. The addition of polished brass from India to highlight the leafy petals of a vintage flower brooch adds some stability to the swings, and brass leaf hook fastens the five strands at back.

Hold Nothing Back
"Express not repress" is what we always say, and you'll say it loud and proud in this all-out amazing combination of whimsy, style, fearlessness, and fun. Truly vibrant orange glass beads from Africa have the most wonderful etched finish and texture, and, en masse in 7 strands, they are positively breathtaking. They make the greatest hold-nothing-back statement as a torsade, and with a pair of vintage rhinestone brooches (mis-matched but quite the team together, each over 3" wide) they are full-on expressive in both scale and style.

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  1. That jewelery is stunning. The last necklace is gorgeous!

    Really enjoying RUE!


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