Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back From "The Beach"

Every August my husband's family meets at "The Beach" for a couple weeks of family time. My mother-in-law has been vacationing at this specific beach in Maine since she was four, and has only missed a couple of years in between! She started bringing her husband here when they were newly married in 1969, and brought up her three kids on this sand and in this surf. Let's just say it's by far the most special place for their family, and holds MANY memories for them - and in fear of being banished from the family, I will not disclose it's name or location. :)

This little settlement of cottages and beach is only accessible by one long and narrow road, and is quite tiny. What I love most about this beach is that most of the cottages are still small and quant - it feels very much like an old, tucked away, sleepy community.

My daughter had a BLAST running into the waves and playing in the sand...

If only you could bottle this kind of joy...

Back to some design talk...while I was away, the finale to Design Star aired and so I JUST got to watch in on DVR today. The surprise was ruined for me last week, but it was still fun to watch Emily win! I'll have to give myself a small tap on the back for picking her as my fav after the first episode. ;) In all honesty, she was the best and I love watching her quirky personality on camera. Unlike previous winners, I will actually watch her show Secrets From a Stylist!

Hope you're all having a good week. I can't believe it's September!!

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