Monday, August 30, 2010

MEANINGful Monday: Aubusson

Refers to tapestries or carpets from Aubusson in central France (also refers to textiles in the style of genuine Aubussons). Their origins date back to the 14th century and are distinguished by elaborate patterns and a pileless weave.

Aubusson rugs’ history is rich and a significant part of the revival of the arts of the Renaissance period. They were hand woven flat weave wool rugs and tapestries originally based on Turkish designs. In 1665 and thereafter, Aubusson rug designs were based on the motifs of Savonnerie rugs. Prior to this time, Savonnerie rugs were only available to the King, with design and production overseen by the artists and weavers of the royal courts. With Aubusson rug designs mimicking those of Savonnerie rugs, they became available to anyone who could afford them, typically the upper class and sophisticated aristocracy of Europe.  {Aubusson ottoman image via House Beautiful, aubusson rug image via Country Living}

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