Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Design Star: Rooting for Emily!

Remember way back when I mentioned how I had a good feeling about Emily on Design Star? I claimed her as my pick for finalist, and as each Sunday night passes, I'm so glad I did! This past week the last three contestants had to design a space in a glass room - they were finally allowed to design for themselves but were told to create a room that demonstrates what their show will be about if they win.

I LOVE the space that Emily designed!
{Great cowhide rug, amazing old chairs, yummy green sofa, perfect mix of coffee & side tables, darling fabric wall, fantastic vintage funk - and my fav, the fabulous fiddle leaf fig)
{Design by Emily Henderson}

Emily's show would be about designing with fashion as inspiration. Meaning take apart how you dress, and use your fashion style as inspiration for your home. When talking about her room, Emily described how she used a great blue and white fabric on the back wall similar to her blue patterned dress, she mixed in vintage details found on her dress as vintage chairs (both midcentury modern and Louis versions), and mixed in touches of brass and sparkly accessories to represent the jewelry she wears. I wasn't sure how she was going to make this concept work, but have to say that it was pretty fun to watch her go through the room and explain. And, I would genuinely love to watch her do it again because I love how this room turned out! I really hope Emily wins her own design show next Sunday! ps. I found Emily's blog 'here' where she talks about the show, goes more into detail about what she did in each challenge, AND gives shopping sources!

What do you think of Emily's space? Who do you want to win?

Here's her competition...which I happened to LIKE as well.
It's just not LOVE.

{Design by Michael Moeller}


  1. I need to watch it on Hulu or something. I watched one episode on vacation and still do not know exactly what time it normally comes on. I remember liking her, and from other blogs, sounds like she's the fave.

  2. Yes, she's definitely my favorite!! I was surprised that Casey went home, though. I thought she did a better job than Michael.... but I'd love to see Emily get her own show.

  3. I also liked Emily the best, by far, in fact!


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