Saturday, May 22, 2010

Selecting Furniture for Commercial Clients

I spend so much time perusing online furniture stores looking for perfect sectional sofas for a commercial client's design earlier this year, so I was totally stoked when one of them, CSN, approached GEORGE I.D. about doing a free giveaway for our readers. What better way to say THANK YOU to all of you who read and get involved with our blog than to give back!

CSN is going to team up with us next week while we do a week of blogs about what else... nurseries! Nurseries are so much fun to design and even if you don't have kids, everyone loves babies. :) So please check back next week for your chance to win a gift card to CSN baby and kids (but really, it can be used on any of the CSN websites). This is great for all the new moms out there and lets face it, it would be great for the rest of us who attend baby showers regularly!

Speaking of spending time shopping for that perfect sofa...

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to work with a great LA sports team to re-design their players' lounge. Inside the walls of the lounge, (open only to players, coaches, trainers, etc.) the team takes meals, reviews film, talks strategy and relaxes in pre-season and in-between games.

I took the below photo during our initial consultation. The U-shaped sectional sofa was made out of a commercial grade fabric but over the years of player use and abuse, it had started to show worse for the wear.

The BEFORE photo...

And here is the AFTER...

One of the hardest things about working on commercial jobs is trying to find great looking, durable AND economical furniture. Budgets are usually tight (hello recession of 2009-2010!) and commercial clients are just as pinched as the rest of us. I struggled with the furniture mix that I wanted to present and include in this design but wanted to share with you some of the places that I looked.

After creating the floor plan and figuring out my ideal sectional dimensions, I looked at things like this Albany sectional which was priced really well but not quite big enough.

And this chic Benson Canyon sectional which looked great but was a bit pricey.

Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for in this modular leather sectional at West Elm. The modular pieces work great in a dynamic world where todays needs might be completely different from tomorrows!

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