Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kiddo Kool

Guess who this adorable kids room was designed for...

This stylish brood...

{ps. for those to-be-mommas out there, chris martin is pushing my exact stroller (bugaboo dark grey chameleon), and it is AMAZING! }

Gwyneth Palthrow is my favorite female celebrity. She is beautiful, has great taste, an adorable family, and the best part, she deals with being in the public eye with grace and humility. I always love to watch her do interviews and check out her outfits!

If you like her too, you should definitely read her blog/website GOOP. It's all about Gwyneth's favorite things - food, shopping, trends, kids books, traveling, etc, etc, etc.

Check out some pictures from GOOP's most recent newsletter of the amazing loft that was created for Paltrow and her family in Nashville - IN 10 DAYS!

You should really read the whole article and see all the pictures. Designer Annette Joseph gives great details on how she created this space with such a time crunch, and sources just about everything. A very fun read!


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  1. ha! a friend just forwarded this to me with the title "must me nice to be rich" and Nashville! that's my neck of the woods. If Gisele is not going to hire me, I want to design for Gwyneth!:)

  2. Love her too! What a great loft - thanks for sharing!!

  3. this post is really great, Gwyneth is an awesome person, worthy of loving! she was a dream client! I just posted this on my fan page, many thanks!


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