Monday, April 5, 2010

Sofa/Banquette Combination

Scuzi the mess! Here are some more before shots of Little Bear. And this spot of the house that I'm featuring, is off the kitchen, and hence, the location where everyone is going to naturally gravitate....

That cast iron stove in the corner is quite seriously the primary heat source for the entire upper level of the house.

We loved this beautiful ceiling when initially looking for the house....

So, we decided the best way to utilize the space was through a sofa/banquette combination... A place where you can still comfortably sit at a table to enjoy a meal with friends. But, also a place where you could pull up an ottoman and kick back to read a newspaper. Here are my in-laws enjoying the concept last weekend:

Here are some shots of Felipe and his crew building the ottoman:

I never realized how they pull the "tufts" all the way through for this diagonal, hand-folded, tufted ottoman.

Here is the sectional, sans nailheads, and a finished under-side, awaiting this designer's approval...

This is a shot of the "sealing" process.... I wanted to use the old fashioned, hand-hammered "tacks" instead of the more traditional (much bulkier) nailheads but they aren't necessarily treated.

Rather than have to worry about the tacks rusting and staining the surrounding fabric, I decide to hand-paint each one with clear nail-polish. My husband never realized how type A I was!

And here it is... installed and ready for action! The dining table scooches over to the side and the beautiful tufted ottoman pulls up! Thanks to Felipe and his team for their incredible craftsmanship. We're off to a great start.

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