Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well it has been another really busy week and what's sure to be another busy weekend is rapidly approaching. And since Saara is on break, with a lot going on in her life, I will share a few more of the happenings with the new apartment. First of all, I am posting a photo of the work of art that I came home to this evening. (Thank you, thank you, Craig the carpenter, I feel that you are owed my first born.) I am sorry that I do not have a "before" of this space, but imagine an oddly shaped, total waste of space, closet. And here is the after!!

Just look at the cut-out he created for the vacuum cubby!!! Ahh, it's the little things.

Next up, are the carpets to be cleaned first thing in the morning. I debated whether or not to replace them but as this is a rental apartment, I decided the expense was completely unjustifiable. Soo, I called up a great little company, Ultra Guard (if you don't have this carpet/stain remover, you must order yourself a bottle online immediately!)

and scheduled an appointment to clean my carpets. Here is the 10 year old oatmeal colored berber carpet as is (with George of course modeling):

No, that is NOT a shadow, that is dirt, silt, debris! eeewww! Check back on Saturday, and I'll post the afters. Let's see just how well Ultra Guard cleans carpets!

Lastly, a little kitchen improvement... Slug has been after me to stop leaving the kitchen cabinet doors open. I've never had this habit before but our cabinetry was missing knobs, and it was so difficult to pry open the doors, that I started just leaving them open!. Cabinets sans knobs here:

Soo.. after shopping around a bit to find knobs that were cheap enough (again, hard to justify spending money on a rental!) we selected these $9.99/box knobs by Thomas O'brien for Target.

And, after sweet talking my husband and supervisor George into helping...

We completed the not-so-difficult, but somewhat-time-consuming task of measuring,drilling, and screwing in the new knobs into our kitchen cabinetry!

and wha-la, kitchen function is vastly improved!

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