Monday, January 18, 2010

An Orderly Bath

I'm heading into my bathroom tomorrow, and I'm not leaving until I've created some order in there...

I just learned something handy! Did you know that most cosmetic products have a use-within-this-many-months-once-openned symbol? Check out the back of your hair products, foundations, will likely see an image of an opened jar with a number and an M.

Alright, so all the old stuff has been retired. Probably a good idea to start labeling the bottom of all new products with the month/year so you won't have to guess the age of your cosmetics in the future...

Time to make things presentable - and findable! Small boxes are great for keeping things tidy in your drawers. If you can't find any individual containers, head to the kitchen aisle and grab a silverware insert. It should do the trick just as well...

Another repurposed kitchen item - try a hanging three-tiered basket to hold shower goodies. Perfect for small jars, toys and loofahs...

Keep make-up brushes clean, organized and easily accessible by storing them in a pretty glass or vase. Pretty vases and lidded jars are great for cotton balls and swabs too.

This Ikea vase is really inexpensive - only $2.50! - and a nice modern shape. It could hold your brushes, but it just so happens to be the EXACT length for cotton swabs to lie in it...perfect!

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