Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Decor With A (small) Twist

If you haven't already, it's time to design, decorate and outfit your nest for the holidays that are creeping up on us! Creep away holidays, we love you!

Here are a few unique and easy ways to add the Christmas spirit to your homes - little twists on the traditional.

Ask your party guests to write a holiday note or wish for the new year and then add them to a plain grapevine wreath. What a warm reminder of your friends and family once the party is over, thanks Real Simple!

Instead of the traditional garland strung banister, we like the idea of hanging some of your extra tree ornaments from a ribbon. Festive with a modern, clean touch!

Another way to display your Christmas bulbs, these chandelier-like clusters are beautiful and can be hung over a table or in a window. We think a group of 5 varying height clusters would look fabulous in a picture window - enjoyable from the living room and street!

Ah, the white Christmas tree - while not for everyone it can be fun. We love the muted tones of this modern tree, not to mention the fact that it was put into a simple white vase instead of being displayed on the ugly stand it came with. No tree skirt needed and the fresh look is continued!

4 more blogs until Christmas!

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