Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beverly Hills Pho Lovers Eat Your Hearts Out!

We couldn't resist dropping a little sneak preview of a restaurant re-concept that GEORGE has recently completed in Beverly Hills... the Grand Opening is tonight but GEORGE fans of course get to see it first!
The newly re-concepted restaurant is aptly called 9021PH0. It is located on the corner of N. Beverly Drive and Big Santa Monica Blvd. (490 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. 90210). The food is as delicious as the decor...

For those of you local Los Angelinos.... you'll recognize the location formerly known as Cristoni's (images below prior to re-concepting.)

You might think that you'll miss the pizza but after watching the expert team of chefs at 9021PH0 preparing fresh, healthy Vietnamese savories for tonight's opening... we're sure your NOT going to miss a thing!!!!!

Restaurant is open to the public tomorrow, 12/02/2009.... yummmmmmmmmmmm. Be sure to check it out. And stay tuned to GEORGE INTERIOR DESIGN for more exciting photos to come.

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