Monday, November 16, 2009

You're Gonna Love This!

Like us, many of you probably long for a free minute or two to browse through the latest issue of your favorite design magazine. We are so jazzed about a new online design mag, and are sure you will love it too! Check out Lonny Magazine - the fall premiere issue contains everything from design features to gardening tips to DIY projects.

This online magazine is such a great idea! You can flip through the pages like you would a regular print magazine, zoom in to read articles and study photos, and best of all - are you ready for this? - when you click on products and/or ads you are directed to the company's website. How cool?! Really, shopping and researching has never been easier.

Next time you're looking for some design inspiration, grab a cup of coffee and surf your way over to Lonny - after you visit this blog, of course!

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