Monday, November 9, 2009

Elements To Design By

When creating anything - a room, an album cover, a painting - the designer should take into account the Elements of Design. Graphic designers, artists, and of course interior designers too, are taught about these design guidlines in school and learn to refer to them inorder to create a successful design.

Here's a guide to teach you the basics and help you design like a pro!

Lines can guide and organize the eye, they can stimulate and create energy or soothe. Use vertical lines to stimulate and horizontal lines to calm. These lines in this living room (Domino) move the eye upward, creating the illusion of extra high ceilings...

Mass is size or volume, each componenet of a design has its own mass relative to the whole design. Mass can create visual & physical weight. When designing make sure to balance the weight of your components and keep them in scale. These acylic coffee tables have little visual weight and are great for a tight space (Miles Redd)...

Shapes can be natural, geometric or abstract. They can convey mood and emotion, texture and movement. Sharp-edged geometrics can feel sterile, while soft shapes tend to be comforting and inviting. These soft, round tiles remind me of bubbles and a soothing warm bath (Evit Tile)...

Texture can be visual or tactile. Try mixing a combination of textures in your designs for interest. Love the worn wood with the cold steel and the nubby texture of the rug (Viva Terra)...

Color can evoke moods and make strong statements. A bright yellow room feels cheery and hopeful, orange stimulates a healthy appetite and red creates passion, energy and/or anger. This room looks so warm and cozy, just want to curl up and read a book on that sofa (Miles Redd)...

Value is the lightness or darkness of an object, regardless of color. Use varying values in your designs to create contrast and movement. This room has great contrast, there's black and white and all values in between (Town & Country)...

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